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Creative Montessori Preschool, Kindergarten and Childcare for children 15 months - 6 years


For your 15-month to 6-year-old children, our pre-school program will be more than a place to play and meet new children. It will be a place where he develops his natural love of learning.

Our job is to prepare an environment that will STIMULATE a child's innate curiosity. Here, the child will be ENCOURAGED to explore the world with ever-increasing confidence and enthusiasm. In an atmosphere where he is RESPECTED, he will learn respect for others and for his surroundings.

The key to achieving our goals is the environment. To stimulate your child's curiosity, we introduce materials that your child can see, touch, hear, smell, manipulate. He may explore any of these materials with a partner or a small group of other children, though most of the materials are designed to be self-instructive. Since some of these materials may be too complex for younger children, we encourage them to choose materials at their own level. Once chosen, these self-instructive materials permit your child to learn independently. Independence is the foundation of self-confidence.

Children's House

Just providing these self-instructive Montessori-designed materials is not enough. First the child must feel comfortable enough to explore these materials. Anyone, but especially a child, feels insecure if the "rules" keep changing. So consistency and order are important for helping your child feel secure enough to take advantage of the interesting and stimulating environment.

In this atmosphere where your child feels comfortable knowing that he is respected, he will be able to begin the path toward achieving his own unique potential - both intellectually and emotionally.

Developing the young child's body is also important. Not just as an end in itself, but also as an aid to the development of other skills. For example, learning to tie his own shoes and button his own jacket develops motor coordination that will be important for his independence and self-confidence now and the strong finger grip needed for writing later. Indoors, the children develop their small muscle coordination by:

  • using real tools and kitchen utensils
  • tying, buttoning and zipping
  • polishing
  • carrying and balancing
  • etc.

Outdoors, in the fresh air, is the ideal place to develop coordination of the larger muscles. The children can enjoy our small garden areas for planting and weeding, play games, run and climb in an enclosed playground, they can hop, skip and play ball games in the cemented area or explore nature in the adjacent field and take a short hike through the field to a public playground - WELL SUPERVISED, of course.


To ensure your child's safety we have a security system, and the front door is locked at all times. We teach the children to respect and care for their bodies by providing and encouraging good hygiene and nutritional habits. We promote respect for the earth by recycling materials. We demonstrate respect for each other by actively teaching and practicing non-aggressive behavior.

And Now We Invite You to Meet Our Teachers.

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